A Tasty Recipe For Success

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Let's have a little fun today while we are talking about business! Often people think of business topics as boring and dry, like a bad recipe for cookies. But here is a nice "business recipe" that you might enjoy!

Ingredients for your Recipe For Success

Preheat your brain for success.

Cream together

2 cups skill

1 cup patience

3 cups desire for knowledge

2 teaspoons giving back

Add 4 doses of listening more than you talk and beat after each addition


2 tsp something new each day

2 tsp hope

Then slowly add 4 1/2 cups of talent that is appropriate for the career you seek.

Mix in 24 ounces of optimism and cook daily into your life’s oven.

Each day we need to get out of bed and get ready for the opportunities and challenges that present themselves. And sometimes it’s good to get your ingredients in a row first thing so you are ready to bake up a good day!

The talent, skills, knowledge portion of this equation isn’t of my creation. I’ve been very successful hiring people and seeking my own path by understanding that talent is innate, and that you can learn or seek out skills and knowledge. Talent is neither good nor bad, it’s whether it fits into the career or job that you want to do. For example, I talk a lot. For someone who travels, meets lots of new people, does public presentations, and works in marketing, that is a good talent. It fits. If I tried to be a private in the Army or a monk…not so good of a fit. Again, a talent in and of itself isn’t good or bad, it’s whether it fits.

Just to give kudos where they belong, I didn’t invent this concept. You can read much more about it in a book called First Break All The Rules.

By the way, if you want, the above recipe also can make a great batch of chocolate chip cookies (my own recipe: Kim's Chocolate Chip Cookies)!

Preheat your oven to 375. Bake the cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet for 10-12 minutes. Makes 100-120 cookies depending on size. Cookie recipe can be halved.

2 cups shortening

1 cup sugar

3 cups loosely poured brown sugar

2 teaspoons of vanilla

Add 4 eggs individually and beat after each addition


2 tsp baking soda

2 teaspoons salt

Then add slowly

4½ cups flour

Mix in 24 ounces of real chocolate chips (additional chips can be added if desired)

Spoon onto an ungreased baking sheet.