Advertising Services for Your Equine Business

There are many ways to "advertise" and market the services offered by your equine business; here are some tips.

You can sponsor a local or regional show and hang a banner in the arena just like is done at major equine events. Amy Dragoo

There are as many ways to advertise your services as there are potential clients in the universe. The key is identifying the methods that fit into your budget, reach the intended audience and deliver the most impact. 

Buying ads in newspapers or online can be costly. Here are four low-budget ways to advertise your business.

Leave a lasting impression. Think about all of the “freebies” you’ve received from businesses who want you to remember them. Whether it’s a pen, notebook or hand sanitizer, the giveaways feature a company’s logo and leave a lasting impression. There are options for creating an affordable lasting impression are endless. A hoof pick with your logo and contact information is just one option that’s sure to grab a customer’s attention.

Networking. Volunteering with groups that service the riders you want to reach is one way to promote your barn. Youth organizations are always looking for assistance whether as a clinician, an event organizer or an event helper. Breed associations and other organized equine groups are also in need of your special expertise and help.

Sponsorships. Pick an event that’s likely to attract individuals to whom you want to sell your services. Most organizers are eager to acknowledge sponsors with signage, an ad in any printed material and/or in announcements made throughout the event.

Host a contest. Use your social media accounts to promote different types of contests. It could be to create a photo caption or to help name a new foal. Correctly answering trivia questions are another option. Offer a free lesson or discount on a service to generate interest in your business.

Once an effort is introduced to customers, it’s necessary to devote the time, energy and resources to producing it on a regular basis. Whatever it is you choose to do to get your name out—be it advertising, social media, writing articles or attending events—make sure you continue it.

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