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Arena Surface and Dust Control Roundup

Credit: Thinkstock

Credit: Thinkstock

Arena equipment manufacturers have combined the latest technologies with long-standing designs to produce a range of products that add longevity and stability to any number of ground surfaces. At the same time these companies also claim user-friendly operation, and in many cases cost efficiency to boot. 

Maintaining Your Ground Surface

Arena Dragons are as affordable as they are efficient and easy to use. There are three major principles behind their designs: They must break up hard-packed footing; leave a consistent, level surface; and be easy to use without the hassle of constant maintenance. For more information

Country Manufacturingspeaks to innovation and affordability withThe Spider, a self-driven rotary harrow that can renovate an arena as easily as it can condition any material for a level surface. For more information visit

When it comes to preparing the best possible working surface in horse arenas--with or without tractor experience--West Coast Footings’JD SpecialHarrowis the one to beat. Promoted as being virtually “goof proof,” it will maintain a level surface, including the area next to the kick boards, while ensuring control and consistency of the “cush” (depth of the air pockets) in both summer and winter conditions. For more information

Controlling Dust

Reist Industries’MultiGroomer,featuring heavy-duty side rub rails along with an aggressive double row of adjustable, offset ripper teeth (spaced every four inches with a depth of up to four inches), is designed to give the ultimate mixing effect. TheMultiGroomeris as useful for total arena reconditioning as it is for routine maintenance. For more information

Midwest’s certified environmentally-safeArena RxSynthetic Organic Dust Controlis formulated to address dust-related problems from poor visibility, respiratory and eye irritations to the deterioration of footing surfaces. It eliminates water usage, saves time and cost, and minimizes well and pump usage. Arena Rxdust suppressant will not contaminate ground water or dry or crack horses' hooves. Specifically designed for arenas where horses train, work, exercise and perform. The patented technology is safe, colorless, odorless and biodegradable, and areas can be used immediately after application. Footing does not freeze in cold weather climates, even down to -40º F. For more information

FarmTekalsomaintains that dust–filled arenas are uncomfortable, can pose health issues for both horses and humans, and will also compromise footing--the reason they have introduced the overhead3-Zone Sprinkling Assembly. Easy to use and cost effective to install, The3-Zone sprinkling Assemblyis regulated to disperse just the right amount of moisture to keep ground surfaces at optimum ratios. For more information

The more traditional watering systems should not be underestimated, either, as they also have had an industry facelift, making them ever more practical and effective choices for maintaining a healthy arena.

With a spotlight on portability, durability, in addition to the cost efficiency factor,West Coast Footingstouts an assortment of machinery to fit every budget and planned use. From varying sizes of theWater on Wheelswatering trailers, to theMicro Rain“Turbine Drive”traveling sprinkler, getting the job done has never been easier. For more information

Keeping your arena safe and as dust-free as possible is up to you. How you decide to maintain your arena once installed will determine how well your clients (and their horses) enjoy your facilities. Investigate options if you are having problems or complaints of dust or unsafe surfaces.