Checklist for 2018 Equine Businesses

The New Year is an opportunity set goals, create resolutions and move your horse business forward toward those objectives.

Use articles from to get your business started out right this year.

The New Year is an opportunity set goals, create resolutions and move your horse business forward toward those objectives. Stable managers and owners are well-versed in providing training and care for their equine customers, but the operational side of running a successful equine business isn’t always second nature.

We’ve compiled a list of topics and corresponding articles to help you start the New Year off on the right business foot.

Start with our 10 tips for starting off the New Year. In this article you’ll find advice for creating a to-do list that will help you achieve your goals in the coming year.

Regardless of discipline, every stable has inventory. Barns that give lessons or provide training, own more property than those that strictly offer boarding services. But inventory is an investment and it’s critical to keep track of such items. These two articles about inventory for a farm or stable business offer tips for tracking inventory at your facility: Inventory Series to Help Your Equine Business and Inventory Recordkeeping for Horse Farm and Stable Owners.

Running a business is only one part of the equation. Having a succession plan in the event of an emergency is critial. Learn how a succession plan transfers a stable to another owner when you’re ready to exit the business and find tips for getting started on creating one. 

Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising. A solid marketing plan supplements referrals and helps you reach new clients. For tips on using social media, implementing a successful marketing strategy and using analytics to improve your marketing investments can help you keep existing business and pick-up new clients, use these articles: 5 Tips for Successful Stable MarketingDefining the Target Market for your Farm or StableMarketing For Profit: Analytics Basics to see if Your Marketing is Worth the Investment7 Social Media Tips That Work.

Finances keep the barn doors open. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to streamline your invoicing process or how to handle non-paying customers, we have several articles to help:   12 Tips for Improving Cash Flow“I’m Late On My Payment, But…”Barn Office Basics.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!






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