Good Communication is Good Business

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You might have a great farm, in a good location, with safe and desirable facilities. You might have (or be) a great instructor or two who are good with beginners to advanced students. You might have great school horses that would be the envy of any riding stable. However, unless you communicate all of this well to potential clients, you’ll be lonely at this great facility. And unless you keep communications open between you and your current clients, they might decide to go elsewhere even if you have the best stable around.

The ability to communicate well with various stakeholders in your business (clients, staff, service providers, etc.) can make the difference in staying in business or not. That’s not to say if you communicate well and have an unsafe facility or bad instructors that you will be fine.

For good business communication take these five tips:

  1. Know who your shareholders are and what you want them to know.
  2. Craft your message to fit the communication needs of that shareholder group.
  3. Use appropriate channels to communicate that message (i.e., text, email, phone call, letter)
  4. Communication is a two-way street. No message is a one-way communication; whether you hear something back or not, there is a reaction to your message. Be open to, and encourage, replies to your message.
  5. Communication should be ongoing. Make sure you allow for two-way communication on a continuous basis.

All of this might seem simple, but if you concentrate on being a better communicator with your staff and clients, you will see a difference in your business.

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