How to Make Work More Fun

If you find yourself having problems going to bed because tomorrow is another day at the farm or stable, then you need to take immediate steps to rectify that situation. Maybe the problem is in you, or maybe you can be the solution! Either way, here are some tips to help make your work more fun for yourself and those around you.

  1. Don’t complain, even if others do. How often do you find yourself falling into the trap of complaining right along with everyone else at your workplace? It is up to you to stop that behavior in yourself, and you might even influence others. When negative talk starts, change the subject to something positive. If that doesn’t work, either walk away or tune them out and refuse to participate. Instead have a mental pep talk with yourself.
  2. Think positive. As mentioned in Tip #1, what goes on in your head is important, so be cognizant of what you are thinking and stop negative thoughts. Often we think back on situations or conversations that were unpleasant and rehash them over and over. All that does is make us stressed and irritated. Let it go! Instead, think about why you like where you are and what you are doing. Think positive thoughts about your future. Think positive thoughts about yourself. Often in the workplace there is no one to tell you that you do a good job, or to mentor you to doing a better job. So, be your own mentor. Find ways to do your job better, more efficiently, and with less stress. Tell others they are doing a good job. It’s amazing how quickly attitudes change when people are appreciated. Be the catalyst to start the positive thinking and actions at your barn, farm, or workplace.
  3. Make it special. Plan a special event for you and your coworkers around a holiday (Fourth of July, Halloween, etc.) or even for no reason at all. Think of something that will be fun for you and invigorate your coworkers to have more fun at work and be more positive.

It’s what you think and do that will allow you to have a more positive attitude and more fun at work. Enjoy what you do for a living, even if you are only planning to do it for a short time. And try to make life more pleasant for those around you by being a positive influence.

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