I Just Need a Few More Hours Each Day

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How many times have you said, "If I just had a few more hours each day I could get everything done?" Horse people always schedule like there are 13 hours on our clocks. Because of that, we often find ourselves apologizing because we forgot something.

Remember the days when “I Forgot” was an plausible excuse in today’s hectic world? Unfortunately, with the adaptation of computers and cell phones (especially smart phones), your calendar and alarm system are always with you. So instead of bemoaning that fact, embrace it!

Of course I set alarms to remind myself of meetings. I also set alarms to remind me to work on a specific project. I set alarms to remind myself to get up from my computer and stretch.

I used to keep a pencil and pad of paper beside my bed so when I came up with a good idea or thought about something I needed to do the next day, I could write it down so I wouldn’t forget. Now I do that in my iPhone. Because my phone is my alarm clock, I know it is right by the bed, so I can use it to set reminders and notes. And you can have your notes go directly to your email in box, making it doubly hard to forget something or miss that great idea.

I love Post-It notes. I have them in every shape, size, and color! And for a quick place to jot a note or put it front and center, they are great tools. But setting a reminder with an alarm works better. (Don’t worry if you can’t give up your sticky notes…there are a lot of us out there with offices full of them! Just phase in the reminders and alarms and you will find yourself saying “I forgot” much less!)

One place the cell phone in my house still hasn’t found a home is the shower (although there now are waterproof cases down to six feet under water!). So we have one of those scuba diving “chalk boards” in our shower because my husband, the musician, often has song ideas in the shower and complained that he would forget some of them by the time he got out.

Once you get into the habit of setting alarms and giving yourself reminders so you don't forget things, you will find yourself becoming more efficient. You aren’t worrying that you have forgotten something, and you can spend that time being productive.