Internal Honesty Can Lead To Success

Can you be honest with yourself about what you actually know and can do and what you think you know and can do? That can make the difference in getting and keeping the job of your dreams. It’s a combination of self-awareness, conscious, and honesty.

Humans like the approval of other humans, but often we neglect our “internal” approval rating. This isn’t your conscience, although that can play a part. Your internal approval rating is how you think you are doing based on what you know you can do. The disparity in these two measures often leads to frustration.

Sometimes the discrepancy comes because you aren’t honest with yourself about what you think or what you know.

If you think you should be the manager of the farm, or own your own farm, and you aren’t the boss or owner, why not? Are there actual steps you can take to reach that goal or education you need to be in that leadership role? In order to have that type of position will you need to leave your present employment and go to another farm?

What if you think you don’t yet have all the experience or qualifications to be the manager, but you really would like to tackle the job and the current manager is leaving? How do you pull yourself up to take on that challenge and let people know you are interestd, or should you?

I’ve known a lot of people who think they are better than they really are at specific things, and I’ve known people who are extremely talented and can’t get out of their own way because of their lack of self-confidence. Both represent differences in what each person thinks, and what they know and are actually capable of doing.

So, what is your internal approval rating? Is what you think of yourself a realistic picture of who you are and what you are capable of?

Take a moment and reflect on those questions. If you don’t know if your “think” and “know” are balanced, ask a few of your closest (and most honest) friends.

Knowing your internal approval rating can help you reach your goals and be successful, but you have to be honest and willing to add to your skills and knowledge if needed.

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