'Plastic' Horse Fences

If you do your homework, vinyl or pvc can be a very attractive and safe fencing option for horses.

There are some good-quality vinyl fencing products on the market. Thinkstock

Question for Animal Arts

I’m in Florida, and a couple of my neighbors have put in a “plastic” fence. It looks really nice, they said it takes very little maintenance, but I’m not convinced. Can those materials stand up to Florida’s hot climate and tons of sun?

Answer from Animal Arts

Not all fencing is created equal. There are some very nice vinyl or pvc fence products out there, and some bad ones as well. Low-quality brands tend to become brittle over time and do not hold up to temperature extremes. In cold climates, this could lead to the fence shattering if hit at high velocity by a horse, which is obviously very dangerous.

If you were interested in this type of fence, here is the advice we would give: Purchase a high-quality fence with a good reputation and good references. Call the references. Ask how long the manufacturer has been in business and choose a fence from a manufacturer who has been serving customers for years. Look for long or lifetime warranties, which is an indicator that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of the fencing over time. 

We also always recommend combining vinyl or pvc fencing with an electric wire for added safety.

If you do your homework, this can be a very attractive and safe fencing option.

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