Sponsor Signage at Horse Shows and Clinics

Signage at horse shows and clinics is a popular way to reward sponsors for supporting your event.

No matter the size or level of your equine event, signage is a good reward for sponsors. Amy Dragoo

A sponsor representative wants you to tell him or her how attendees will know the company provided support for your event. Signage is the most popular way of acknowledging supporters, especially if the event is held in an indoor or outdoor arena.

“The placement and size of the signs is determined by the level of sponsorship,” said Laura Smith, the chief executive office and co-founder of Youth Equestrian Development Association. “The more sponsor money or product is donated, the bigger the signage and the better its placement.”

Banners are the most popular type of signage used at horse farms and show facilities, but there are many opportunities to create fun signs that get the attention of attendees and sponsors alike. Consider these three non-traditional ideas for sponsor signage:

Window clings: Facilities with enclosed viewing areas or pedestrian doors with glass can offer signage in the form of window clings or decals. It adds decor to the site and provides the sponsor with high visibility.

Selfie photo-ops: Encourage attendees to interact with sponsors through an oversized frame or photo area. The sponsor’s name and logo could appear in a prominent location so that when participants snap a photo and share on social media, the sponsor receives recognition there.

Table tops: Awards tables and entry booths often have space for small tabletop signage. These high-trafficked areas mean sponsors will be easily identifiable and the signage for these locations will be low-cost and disposable.

Plan ahead to provide opportunities that are fair to sponsors and easy to implement for show or facility staff. Identify what size and type of signage a sponsor will receive for specific levels of support. Then implement that plan consistently.

Before the sponsorship is sold, decide who is designing and paying for the signage that will be used on-site. There are costs to having such items produced, and that should be clear in the early phases of negotiations so there aren’t surprises. Once the sponsorship is agreed to, follow through and put the signage out each and every time as outlined in the contract.






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