Use Early Winter to Get Your Equine Business Ready for Spring

Take advantage of winter's less hectic time to help your equine business flourish throughout the year.

Take advantage of winter’s less hectic time to help your equine business flourish throughout the year.

Winter might feel like a period of “down time.” Even if you have an indoor arena, lessons and training sessions can be postponed or cancelled due to weather. In Hancock, Maine Wanda Lounder has a heated indoor arena at her Double L Stables, but she said when the temperatures plunge below zero, there’s not much that can be done in the saddle.

Despite the coastal Maine winter weather, she makes the most of every day.

“I don’t view January as a wasted month,” she said. “I use that time to get all of my ducks in a row for the coming year.”

By December 31 of each year, she has closed out the year’s books and has created a budget for the new year. Keeping track of income and expenses throughout the year as they occur make the process of easier, but if you haven’t kept up on the books, January and February are the time to get organized. As you’re closing out the previous year, it’s an ideal opportunity to budget for the coming year.

Lounder also uses this time early in the new year to schedule judging commitments, horse shows for clients and barn activities for the next season. 

Taking advantage of a slower time of year can help your business flourish throughout the year.

“By the end of January my schedule is pretty much set for the year,” she said.

The slower time of year can also be used to de-clutter and organize. Stuff accumulates, trees grow over roofs, and broken equipment gets tossed into the ever-present junk pile. 

Find tips for winter decluttering in the article Five Clutter Busters for Winter.

If you make it through your winter list, the article Five Clutter Busters to Get You Ready for Spring will help you prepare for the coming busy season.

Making the most of every winter day sets your stable up for success in the coming year.






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