Alayne Blickle

Alayne Blickle, a lifelong equestrian and ranch riding competitor, is the creator/director of Horses for Clean Water, an award-winning, internationally acclaimed environmental education program for horse owners. Well-known for her enthusiastic, down-to-earth approach, Blickle is an educator and photojournalist who has worked with horse and livestock owners since 1990 teaching manure composting, pasture management, mud and dust control, water conservation, chemical use reduction, firewise, and wildlife enhancement. She teaches and travels North America and writes for horse publications. Blickle and her husband raise and train their mustangs and quarter horses at their eco-sensitive guest ranch, Sweet Pepper Ranch, in sunny Nampa, Idaho.
Grooming horse
Boredom Busters for Stall-Bound Horses
Horses confined to stalls over long periods often become bored and might develop behavioral problems. Learn how you can combat this.
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Rodents: The Uninvited Guests promo image
Predatory Birds for Rodent Control on Horse Farms
Discover how barn owls and American kestrels can help control rodent populations on your horse farm.
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Dead On the Spot promo image
Natural Insect Control Strategies for Horse Farms
Learn how you can use parasitoid wasps, birds, and bats to control flies and other insects on your horse farm.
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Fencing: Geographic Differences promo image
Managing the Needs of Individual Horses at a Large Facility
Develop systems to streamline processes at your horse farm to allow for efficient, individualized care.
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The Perfect Tack Room promo image
Storage Tips for Horse Barn Managers
Keeping your barn tidy can help improve daily chore efficiency, ensure better fire safety, and improve rodent and insect control.
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horse riding arena with jumps
Monetizing Your Equestrian Facility
Find out if renting your facility might be a way for you to generate additional revenue.
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Nonriding Activities to Do With Your Horse
3 experts share their favorite activities to do with your horse when the weather is too poor to ride.
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Reducing bedding use has many benefits including saving time and money.
5 Reasons to Use Less Bedding in Your Horse’s Stall
Learn about best practices for bedding use, including whether to bank it against stall walls.
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Mud Management Tips for Horse Farms
Implement these short- and long-term solutions to reduce mud on your farm this year.
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