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De-Icing Products for Horse Paths
What do you look for in products you put on paths to ensure they are safe for horses and other animals? Does salt "eat" blacktop and concrete?
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Ventilation vs. Insulation in Horse Barns
Ventilation in horse barns is important for horse and human health, but does the barn need to be insulated?
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Frozen Automatic Horse Waterer
Your automatic waterer for your horses needs to be installed properly for your location and used regularly to keep from freezing.
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Safely Addressing Snow and Ice on the Farm promo image
Safely Address Snow and Ice on Your Horse Property
Here are tips on getting ready for snow and ice on your horse property.
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Protecting Lower-Ranking Horses During Field Feeding
Animal Arts architectural firm offers options for keeping alpha horses from stealing hay from lower-ranking horses in a field.
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Erosion Around a Horse Hay Shed
Erosion around a hay shed needs attention to prevent future damage.
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Footing for Equine Arenas and Round Pens
What makes a good footing for horses, and why would the current footing in an arena or round pen have to be completely redone?
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Picking the Right Entry Gate for Your Horse Farm
Entry gates can be a great way to secure the perimeter of your property, keep your livestock in, or just provide aesthetic appeal, but what should you buy?
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How Can I Get Hot Water in My Horse Barn? promo image
How Can I Get Hot Water in My Horse Barn?
Credit: Thinkstock Barns are tricky to bring in water because the pipes have to be buried to keep the water from freezing getting to the barn. Editor’s note: Animal Arts provides answers to your...
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