Bonnie Kreitler

Weighing In On Thin Horses
This in-depth look at putting weight on horses covers everything from ideal protein and calorie counts to measuring a horse's body weight.
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Know the Numbers
Paying attention to demographic trends both within the equine industry and in your local community can help you make better business decisions.
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Turn Pro by Earning C's
Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, this look at how to break into the training business is educational and entertaining.
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A New Lease
When it comes to buying equipment for the farm, is leasing a better option?
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Taking the Lead
The supplement industry is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to regulation. But some manufacturers are doing something about it.
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Managing Risk
Your insurance may not be as comprehensive as you think. Here's how to find out.
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Managing Your Dream
Hiring the right barn manager can free up your time and help your operation become more successful. Here's how.
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Mo' Money
Does it make sense for you to refinance? It depends.
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You Be the Judge
What better way to make a name for yourself than to become a judge? Here are the pros and cons.
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