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Bedding Run-in Sheds
Run-in sheds. To bed or not to bed? There are pros and cons to both sides of the issue, depending on labor, budget and how much use your sheds get.
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Are We Having Fun Yet?
A few simple extras can help keep your clients happy…and your barn full.
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Bedding Basics for Equine Managers promo image
Bedding Basics for Equine Managers
Credit: Thinkstock Bedding. It’s a topic and a need that’s as old as, well, horses. Bedding choices have remained relatively consistent throughout the years. Deciding which bedding might work best for...
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How Much Bedding is Enough?
Your horse's bedding needs to be comfortable, absorb urine and reduce ammonia odors.
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Gift Ideas for Horses, Riders and Your Barn
Well, another year has flown by and once again we are on the threshold of the holiday season. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, here’s a selection of items to consider for your gift list. (Editor’s...
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Clothing for the Equestrian
Editor’s note: In December we asked one of our experienced writers to seek out a selection of gift ideas for horses, riders and the barn. We hope these give you some great gift ideas for the holidays,...
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Kerrits’ New Therminator Winter Riding Pant Offers Multi-Season Comfort In and Out of the Saddle
You’ve been spending time and money getting your farm just the way you like it. Stalls are bright and well ventilated, the horses perform beautifully on the arena footing, your pastures have just the right...
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Choosing the Right Horse Stall Bedding
Not every horse is the same, and not every farm or stable is the same. How you pick the bedding you use often is based on owner or manager preferences, what is available in your area, and the needs of...
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Blankets: Not Your Mother's Rugs promo image
Blankets: Not Your Mother's Rugs
New styles and fabrics can keep your horses better protected than ever before.
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