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Liability for Non-Clients on Your Property
Recognizing the legal status of persons on your property—and undertaking risk control measures—can help mitigate your liability exposure.
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Equine Liability: 'My Friend's Horse Got Hurt'
What is the stable owner's responsibility and liability potential if a boarder allows someone else to ride his/her horse and the animal gets hurt?
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Equine Liability: 'My Friend's Horse Lost a Shoe While I Was Riding It'
Borrowing horses in any capacity carries risks. How should you best address this issue as the owner of the property or boarding facility or as the person loaning or borrowing the horse?
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Equine Liability: 'My Friend Told Me I Could Take Her Horse Off the Farm'
No matter what is said, unless you have written permission from the horse's owner that an individual can remove the horse from your property, it should not leave.
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Equine Liability: 'My Friend Asked Me to Groom and Feed Her Horse'
You know a boarder is supposed to be out of town soon, but today a stranger is at your facility grooming the boarder's horse. What should you do?
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Equine Liability: 'My Friend Said I Could Ride Her Horse'
What should happen to keep your business or farm legally 'safe' if you see someone you don't know riding a boarder's horse?
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Managing Minors On Your Equine Property
What is your responsibility if your adult client brings his/her children to your horse farm or stable?
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Equine Liability: Family and Friends Who 'Just Watch'
You owe your licensee/guests a “moderate duty of care” for their safety. This is defined as a duty to warn of any dangerous conditions known to the owner of the property, but potentially unknown to the...
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Liability Waivers in Equine Businesses
Liability waivers should play an important role in your controlled risk management.
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