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Holiday Gift-Giving and Tax Deduction Tips for Horse People
Whether you’re searching for last-minute tax deductions for 2023 or just feeling charitable during the holiday season, the American Horse Council (AHC) shares some holiday gift-giving and tax deduction...
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Manure Removal from Horse Pastures promo image
Manure Removal from Horse Pastures
Learn about why you should remove manure from your horse pastures and the various types of equipment designed to help.
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Buying an OTTB
Learn what to look for when buying an OTTB and what you should be wary of.
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How to Boost Traction with Studs
How can studs help your horse gain traction in slippery footing?
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Welfare-Friendly Horse Property Design
Horse-Friendly Property Design
Maximize equine welfare by designing your equine property from the horse’s perspective.
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Equine Network Partners with Absorbine® and Sentinel® to Launch My New Horse 
Equine Network has partnered with Absorbine® and Sentinel® to create My New Horse, a one-stop shop for riders eager to find easy-to-understand and reliable horse care information and guidance.
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Water Treadmills vs. Swimming for Horses
Water treadmills and swimming can be useful when rehabilitating or conditioning horses. Learn how to choose the right option for your horse based on your goals.
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Behavioral Signs of Equine Cheek Tooth Findings
If your horse is exhibiting behavior problems regularly, cheek tooth pain could be the cause.
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How To Be Prepared for Equine Emergencies
Being prepared is the best way to help your horse in the event of an emergency.
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