Haylie Kerstetter

Biosecurity for Horse Owners Away and at Home promo image
Best Equine Biosecurity Practices
One expert explains how you can keep your horse safe from disease whether they show frequently or never leave your farm.
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Exercise and Fat Adaptation in Horses promo image
Conditioning Equine Athletes
An equine sports performance consultant explains how he helps prepare elite equine athletes for competition and how to apply these concepts to horses of all levels.
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Flys-X Insect Control for Multi-Species Use promo image
Fly and Insect Control on Horse Farms
Learn about alternative methods to the traditional fly sprays to control nuisance bug populations. 
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You Should Know These Five Equine Nutrition Disorders promo image
How to Formulate a Balanced Diet for Your Horse
An equine nutritionist explains the components of a balanced diet, how to choose the right feed and forage for your horse, and more in this podcast episode.
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Grooming horse
How to Make Your Horse's Coat Shine
Learn how to develop an ideal grooming routine, prevent blanket rubs, and help your horse grow a stronger mane and tail. 
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Don't Make These Barn Management Mistakes
Bob Coleman, PhD, PAS, of the University of Kentucky talks about the most common barn management mistakes he sees and how you can avoid them.
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Setting Up Your Own Tack Shop promo image
Record Keeping and Barn Organization
Windurra USA's barn manager and head groom, Stephanie Simpson, explains how to optimize your record keeping and organize your barn for maximum efficiency.
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How to Host a Holiday Open House promo image
Holiday Gift-Giving and Tax Deduction Tips for Horse People
Whether you’re searching for last-minute tax deductions for 2023 or just feeling charitable during the holiday season, the American Horse Council (AHC) shares some holiday gift-giving and tax deduction...
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Manure Removal from Horse Pastures promo image
Manure Removal from Horse Pastures
Learn about why you should remove manure from your horse pastures and the various types of equipment designed to help.
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