James Clark-Dawe

Passing Through
When it comes to riding on a neighbor's land, who is liable?
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Do You Work Here?
Who is liable when a working student is injured on the job?
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Up a Ladder
Who is at fault when a client sustains an injury on the farm, but off the horse?
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Frisky Felines
One of your barn cats causes an accident—are you liable?
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Breaking Loose
Are you liable if the horses in your care break out of their paddocks?
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Whose Fault?
If an under-aged worker causes injury to a horse in your care—who is to blame...and who pays?
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Tactful Advice
Can you turn away an overweight client? Let's ask the expert.
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Dealing With Deadbeats
What can you do to avoid the problem of a non-paying boarder? And what are your rights? Here’s a look.
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In My Trailer
A farm owner went to pick up a new boarder’s horse, which ended up in a fatal accident. Who is responsible?
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