Julie I Fershtman

Getting It in Writing
The old adage, Get It in Writing, is never more true than when it comes to caring for other people's horses. Here are some tips to protect yourself.
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It Can Happen to You
Here's a look at three typical scenarios that can wind up in court.
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Loose Horse Liability
What happens when one of the horses in your care gets loose and causes an accident?
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Lien and Mean
Problems stables encounter while collecting unpaid board—and how to keep them from happening to you.
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A Big Release
Are release waivers worth the time and effort? You bet.
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A Borrowed Mount
If you've ever used one of your client's horses for lessons, here's what you should know about liability.
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Hurt On the Job
Working with horses can be a dangerous activity and injuries are common. When a trainer gets injured on the job, who is liable?
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Inviting People In
Hosting horse shows is a great way to showcase your facility. It also opens you up to major liabilities.
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Who Is at Fault?
A vet or farrier comes to your farm to perform work on one of the horses in your care, but something goes wrong. Who shoulders the liability?
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