Red Dun Horse Overweight
How to Identify and Manage Horses with EMS
Understanding how to identify and manage horses with EMS can improve their welfare and quality of life.
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Horse Trailering Safety Tips
These seven tips will help you and your horse stay safe when you're on the road.
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Equine influenza vaccination injection being admitted  by a veterinarian
West Nile Virus and EEE Vaccines for Horses.
Learn why it is important to appropriately vaccinate your horse against West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis.
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What You Need to Know About Horse Grazing Muzzles
How can I make sure my horse is comfortable in his grazing muzzle? Can my horse still go out on pasture in a group with a grazing muzzle? Two experts answer readers' most common grazing muzzle questions.
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So You Bought a Boarding Facility: Announcing Barn or Property Renovations
What do hammers, saws, horses and a new owner or manager have in common? They’re all part of a barn renovation after a boarding facility transition. Holli McMahon owned and ran a boarding facility in Salem,...
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So You Bought a Boarding Facility: Confronting Chronically Late or Non-Paying Clients
Almost every boarding stable will deal with boarders who chronically pay late or worse — never pay. It’s important to prepare for those situations. Holli McMahon owned and ran a boarding facility in Salem,...
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So You Bought a Boarding Facility: Raising Prices
Raising prices ranks low on a new owner or manager’s responsibility list, but in a world of fluctuating costs, it has to be done. When Holli McMahon purchased a boarding facility in Salem, Oregon, she...
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So You Bought a Boarding Facility: Implementing New Barn Rules
Most existing boarders will expect changes to barn rules when a new owner or manager takes over a boarding facility. How those changes are communicated, however, is important. Dena Dorn, owner of Triple...
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Pledge to Take a Friend Riding Sweepstakes Launches with Celebrity Support promo image
So You Bought a Boarding Facility: Introducing Yourself to Existing Boarders
Excitement, fear and anticipation are all feelings new owners experience when taking over a boarding facility. After signing the last piece of paperwork, it’s time to meet the existing boarders. Holli...
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