Kayli Hanley

close up of horse mouth in a grassy meadow. brown horse sneezes on the background of green grass
Preventing the Spread of Sickness at a Horse Boarding Stable
How can you tell if a horse in your barn is sick? What can you do to protect your other horses if they are?
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horse biting another horse
Managing Difficult Horses at Boarding Barns
Handling difficult horses as a boarding barn manager can be a challenge. Two boarding barn managers share how they navigate these situations while keeping the best interest of the horse and their business...
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lightning, severe storm
Preparing for Extreme Summer Weather
Understanding the potential for extreme weather in your area and having an emergency preparedness plan will help keep both horses and humans safe during these events.
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horse and rider in front of large barn
Improving Your Equine Boarding Facility
Improving your boarding barn can be a daunting task, but can improve boarder satisfaction in the place their horse calls home.
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Animals: barn with horses
Reducing Boarder Turnover
How you can reduce boarder turnover by setting new boarders up for success.
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