Nancy S. Loving DVM

Fall Equine Vaccination Tips
Proper vaccination and good biosecurity will help your entire horse herd stay healthier.
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Fat in the Equine Diet
For horses, feeding fat is an invaluable dietary tool that provides energy and calories in substitution for grain.
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Understanding the Equine GI Tract
The key to equine intestinal health is to base any horse's diet on quality forage.
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Forage: The Foundation of the Equine Diet
Forage is an important part of a horse's diet which they derive the majority of their nutrition through.
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What's in Your Fly Spray?
Horse owners should understand what chemicals are in the fly sprays and insect repellents they use on their animals.
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Carbohydrates in Horse Diets
Additional "carbs" in a horse's diet are sometimes necessary and sometimes not.
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Protein and Amino Acids in the Equine Diet
Protein and amino acids are necessary in the equine diet, especially for hard-working horses.
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Tactics to Protect Horses from Mosquitoes and Biting Flies
You need to use several types of insect control to keep your horses comfortable during flying pest seasons.
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'Bridle Lameness' in Horses
You will have to be patient and probably invest some money in determining why a horse is lame only when ridden.
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