Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital

Emergency Protocols for the Horse Owner promo image
Emergency Protocols for the Horse Owner
Credit: Thinkstock The equine eye is delicate, so any injuries in or around the eye should be attended to immediately by a veterinarian. Horse ownership is a rewarding experience that allows an individual...
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Tips for Handling Equine Emergencies
Credit: Thinkstock Your veterinarian might recommend wrapping and/or cold hosing an injury until medical help arrives. Many farms and stables have staff or owners who are inexperienced, but might find...
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Understanding Nutritional Supplements
Credit: Enlist your veterinarian in choosing the right supplement and pay special attention to all ingredients on the label to prevent over-supplementation. The following article from Rood...
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Tips on Delivery and Care of the Newborn Foal
Credit: For those farms who will be foaling this spring (or in some cases this coming January), following is an article from Kelly Carlson, DVM, DACVIM, of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital...
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