Stable Management

Forage as the Basis of Equine Diets
Working with an equine nutritionist and your veterinarian can help you design a forage-first diet that is right for your horse.
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Nutrition Concerns in Older Horses
Learn how to make sure your older horse is getting the right nutrition for his age.
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How Mini Therapy Horses Are Trained
Repetition, consistency and trust in a human partner are all part of training a Miniature Horse for therapy work.
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Protecting Against Horse Theft
There are many ways to mark or identify your horses so in the awful event a horse is stolen, you have recourse through identification.
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Renovating an Older Barn
Before you break out the tool belt, here are some tips and things to consider when renovating an older barn.
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Cameras for Horse Barns and Tack Rooms
Keep in mind that there are many options for security and monitoring cameras, so shop around to get what you need.
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Stop Neighbors/Strangers From Feeding Your Horses
Even well-intentioned neighbors can feed horses things that can make the animals sick or even kill them.
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Equine Industry and Animal Welfare Organizations Announce Collaborative Effort to Ban Horse Slaughter
On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, a diverse group of equine industry and animal welfare organizations announced the Final Stretch Alliance to End Horse Slaughter—a collaborative effort to permanently ban the slaughter...
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So You Want to Work at a Barn?
So your love for horses has led you to look for a job where you can be immersed in your passion. From large training operations to smaller stables, most barns require a workforce to ensure the safety and...
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