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The Basics of Tying-Up in Horses
Commonly grouped under the term “Tying-up”, exertional rhabdomyolysis (ER) syndromes can be categorized into sporadic and chronic cases.
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Equine Cushing’s Disease
Cushing's disease, also known as PPID (pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction), is a progressive disorder that begins with the dysfunction of the pituitary gland.
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Managing Equine Body Condition with Forage
Many horse owners struggle with the body condition of their horses. Some horses seem to gain condition easily, and others seem to eat and eat while not gaining body condition and becoming thin.
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STandlee How to Keep You Senior Horse Happy and Healthy
How to Keep Your Senior Horse Happy and Healthy
A nutritionally senior horse is one that can no longer eat its normal diet and maintain a proper body condition.
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How to Deal with Horse Obesity
It’s tough to spot an obese horse when it’s your own. We tend to think, “She’s just big boned,” or “It’s her breed.” Many owners aren’t even sure what to constitutes “obesity.”
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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Horse’s Body
ometimes we connect so deeply with our horses that we almost forget they’re different from us. In reality, it’ll blow your mind to discover how incredibly unique horses’ bodies truly are. Here are three...
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Standlee Hay Company Returns as the Official Forage of the USEA in 2017
The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce their continued corporate sponsor partnership with Standlee Hay Company, Inc., the “Official Forage of the USEA.” Standlee will remain...
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Calculating Your Winter Hay Supply
Horses have many enemies. Loud motorcycles, excessively tight girths and fireworks are all deadly night terrors your horse hopes to avoid. But no foe presents more of a threat to horses’ health and...
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Standlee Introduces A New All-Natural Bedding Solution – Horse Fresh promo image
Standlee Introduces A New All-Natural Bedding Solution – Horse Fresh
Standlee Premium Western Forage announced the nationwide release of a new bedding product–Horse Fresh. Designed to enhance any type of bedding material, Horse Fresh is a great solution for the equine...
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