Stephanie Stephens

Online Equine Education: Podcasts
If you like learning on the go, podcasts might be the best tool for picking up general business tips, horse health information and industry-specific advice.
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Equine Online Education: Webinars
Start your search for equine educational webinars with the organizations you belong to or the companies you support.
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Equine Education: Websites Part 2
Industry associations and businesses also offer virtual learning opportunities to complement in-person training.
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Equine Education: Websites Part 1
Editorial, university and government websites can provide valuable online learning.
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Free Versus Paid Online Learning for Horse Folks
There’s no such thing as having too much knowledge, especially when the topic can help you develop your business or career.
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Tips for Buying a Flat-Bed Trailer for Your Horse Farm
With all the options available, plan on how you will use your flat-bed trailer on your equine property to ensure you get one that fits your needs.
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Considerations When Buying a Stock Trailer to Haul Horses
If you need to haul animals other than horses, or you are looking for a less-expensive means of transporting your horses, you might consider a stock trailer.
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Selecting a Golf Cart for Your Equine Facility
Golf carts can be useful equipment for horse folks at a farm or at a show.
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Buying an ATV for Your Horse Property
Is an ATV the best vehicle for handling jobs on your horse farm in uneven terrain or where you don't need the size and strength of a tractor?
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