Stephanie Stephens

Equestrian Resources for Riders of Color
Riders from diverse backgrounds are finding ways to connect in order to share experiences and help other black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) riders navigate the industry.
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Participate in
The website encourages photographers to include equestrians of diverse backgrounds in their portfolios.
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Creating Opportunities for Underrepresented Riders
Here are tips to improve accessibility to riders of color at your equine stable.
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How to Handle Discrimination at Your Equine Facility
If a client or employee expresses that they feel discriminated against, would you know how to respond?
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What Does 'Equal Rights' Look Like in an Equine Stable?
For a true establishment of equal rights in a stable, the owner and management team must have a strong understanding of issues with inequity in their organization and the surrounding environment
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How to be Welcoming to All at Your Equine Business
One equine business owner said that creating an environment that is welcoming to all riders begins with inclusivity in all things.
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Why Seek Diversity at Your Equine Stable
In this installment of the Stable Management series on diversity and inclusion, we look at why you should want diversity at your stable.
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Promoting Diversity at Your Equine Stable Series
In this first installment of this equine diversity series, we look at the differences in bias, prejudice, stereotyping and racism and how you can create an environment where all clients are treated equally.
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Building Equine Business: Giving an Open House
Planning and hosting an open house at your equine facility can be some work, but it often pays off with new clients.
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