An Organic Flood Clean-Up Solution
If you and your home are the victim of flooding, you might be interested in knowing that Sweet PDZ is not just a horse stall refresher and a chicken coop additive…Sweet PDZ can aid you in your flooding...
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A Breath of Fresh Air: Respiratory Health in the Senior Horse
For those of us privileged enough to care for a senior horse, we know that it is an honor to show a horse through their golden years. We provide them the highest quality forage, the best grain and the...
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Sweet PDZ Not Just For Horses
Did you know that Sweet PDZ isn’t just for use on straw and wood shavings? And it certainly isn’t just for horses! After all, isn’t ammonia really just “ammonia,” whether a dog, cat, horse or elephant...
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Winter Woes - Dangers of Ammonia
It’s true, the smell of ammonia may be stronger in the summer months, with the sun beating down on urine and heating up wet spots in stalls. However, that doesn’t mean that ammonia is gone in the winter.  In...
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Still Using Barn Lime? Think Again
Are you still using barn lime in an attempt to control the ammonia in your horse’s environment? Quite frankly, this archaic method of odor control just doesn’t cut it anymore. Barn Lime (also referred...
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