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Topicals for Winter Horse Skin Care
Tips on topical skin care for horses in winter.
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Understanding Cold-Induced Equine Laminitis
Cold-induced hoof pain can strike horses with insulin resistance.
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Keeping Your Horse Loose and Limber in the Winter
Tips on supplements and management to help your senior horses this winter.
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Get Hands-On With Topicals for Your Horse
With a medication-oriented mind set, it's easy to overlook the benefits of topical therapy which can offer tremendous benefits, especially for joints and muscles.
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The Effect of Minerals on the IR Horse
The best place to start supporting your IR horse is a low sugar and starch diet with a balanced intake of key minerals.
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The Power of Protein – How Much is Enough?
Protein is important in equine diets, but the type and amount are important to the health of your horse.
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The Most Under-Appreciated Performance Enhancer
Next to air, water is the single most important factor in supporting good performance and maximizing response to training and conditioning.
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Plant Pigments and the Equine Immune System
Green drinks are a hot human health craze these days with good reason. But did you know brightly colored foods are as healthy for your horse as they are for you?
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The Nutritional Foundation for Strong Immunity in Your Horse
There are many herbs, plants, and probiotics that can stimulate the immune system, but they won't help if the horse's body does not have the basic nutrients it needs to respond. That missing link can be...
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