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When Winter Laminitis Strikes Out of Nowhere
For the insulin resistant (IR) horse, winter laminitis can strike seemingly out of nowhere, with no change in diet or management and some puzzling inconsistencies. The horse may not necessarily have a...
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Three Supplements Every Horse Needs
Dr. Eleanor Kellon says that there are three basic supplements a horse needs: Salt, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. “Even if your horse is on a supplemented feed or a balancer you are probably not meeting...
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Dr. Kellon’s Guidelines: Solid Nutrition and Healthy Hooves
Dr. Eleanor Kellon says that faulty nutrition isn’t the only factor in hoof-quality problems, but it’s a big player, “While genetics and faulty care are also involved, adequate nutrition can make the difference...
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The Science of Feeding for Healthy Muscle
Nutrition provides powerful support to acquire and keep well-developed muscles, and it’s completely within your control. Efficient, strong muscular function allows smooth movement, athletic balance, speed...
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