University of Minnesota

2021 University of Minnesota Equine Virtual Conference
Four topics will be covered relating to equine health and management during the University of Minnesota conference.
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Research on Horses Grazing Legumes
This research showed that legumes are high in nutritive value, yield well, are a preferred forage option for horses, and should be considered as a viable grazing option for horses with increased energy...
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Research Update: Small Hay Bale Feeders
Credit: University of Minnesota Hay is commonly fed to horses and is usually the largest and most expensive dietary component for adult horses. Hay waste can occur during both storage and feeding, and...
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Prevention of Exuberant Granulation Tissue or Proud Flesh
Credit: Courtesy University of Minnesota Extension There are many different options for the prevention and treatment of EGT. Exuberant granulation tissue (EGT), commonly known as proud flesh, is a frustrating...
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Selecting a Round Bale Feeder for Horses promo image
Selecting a Round Bale Feeder for Horses
Credit: Thinkstock Round-bales are used throughout the horse industry as a means of providing forage to horses housed in poor pastures, dry lots, or during winter months1. The cost of hay fed in a round...
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