5 Clutter Busters for Spring

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Spring is finally on its way to most parts of the country. It’s been a long, cold winter and chances are it’s been hard enough getting the chores done, let along accomplish a long to-do list for staying organized.

These 5 Clutter Busters can help you get your barn in order before the busy summer season.

Upcycle “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.”Get creative with cast-off items. Know someone with a stack of empty wooden pallets? Use the pallets to create a sturdy work area. Add four legs, cover with a piece of plywood and it’s ready to go.

Look around your home Chances are you have one or more pre-assembled organizational systems at home. Consider what you have at home, what works and what doesn’t. For example, a hanging shower storage rack can be helpful for organizing horse shampoos, conditioners and other bottled supplies at the barn. An over the door shoe holder hung in the tack room is one way to store splint boots, polo wraps and more.

Schedule a barn-wide clean-up day Designate a day this spring as a barn-wide clean-up day. Ask boarders to pitch in on general barn cleaning and encourage them to sort and organize their own equipment. Provide a BBQ or pizza lunch as an incentive for participants.

Corral small pieces Small parts like Chicago screws, English curb chain hooks, leather keepers are easily lost. Glue the lids of empty glass jars to the underside of a hanging shelf. Place small items inside the jar and screw the jar into the lid.

Wrangle extension cords Chances are you’ve used several extension cords this winter to keep the water troughs thawed. Wipe off the cords and wrap them up, neatly tie them with a piece of spare twine and store on a hook, in an unused blanket bag or rubber storage tub.

Take control of clutter at your barn this year with these tips, and check back for more tips throughout the year.






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