Add-Ons for Your Horse Trailer

Here are some cool products that can enhance your horse trailer.

This patented design allows your horse to load from the rear and exit the side ramp, or load through the side ramp and exit through the rear. Double D Trailers

Trailers make it possible to get to the show, lesson or trail head. Safety and functionality are the most important features of any rig, but today’s horse trailers offer endless options to showcase your style and provide all the comforts (and maybe more) of home.

Here are four products to consider when buying your next trailer or upgrading your current rig to include creature comforts, for you and your horse(s).

Reverse Load

Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers, has observed increasing interest in reverse load options. Horses that travel in a reverse-facing direction experience less fatigue and stress, arriving fresher and calmer. “This allows your horse to load from the rear and exit the side ramp, or load through the side ramp and exit through the rear,” he explained. “We offer this technology with the Safetack, a design the US patent office has granted exclusive rights to.” 

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The quiet, wind-powered vent extracts heat, odors and moisture from the horse trailer, according to the dealer.

Flettner Ventilator

The Flettner Ventilator is a European product that mounts on top of the trailer to vent air out. “We tested it on our trailer during a hot highway trip in Tennessee when the external temperature was near 100 degrees. The Flettner Ventilator lowered the temperature in the box by 13 degrees,” said Debbie Stice of Horse Trailer Accessory Store. The quiet, wind-powered vent extracts heat, odors and moisture. Once installed, park the trailer in an area where it can catch a breeze and the ventilator turns non-stop. Starting at $155. Learn more at

The PowerChannel awning can power up to five accessories, including an LED light.

PowerChannel Awning and
PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail

New this year, you can convert the space under your awning into a mobile home patio. Choose from the all-in-one PowerChannel Awning, where the hardware is built into the power tube, or the PowerChannel Awning Hardware Rail that can be mounted on a trailer that allows for easier access on trailers where the Awning Tube is out of reach. Once installed, add accessories to create a comfortable entertainment area anywhere you go. 

The versatile PowerChannel powers up to five accessories and eliminates the need for messy extension cords. It’s convenient and easy-to-use, just twist the accessory into the channel and it locks in place. Optional accessories include a Bluetooth speaker, a fan and a LED spotlight. Visit to learn more.

Rumber flooring for horse and livestock trailers is popular with some clients.

Rumber Flooring

“One of the most popular add-ons for us is Rumber flooring,” said Brad Heath of Double D Trailers in North Carolina. 

Rumber flooring is a synthetic material made from recycled tire products. It’s an option that customers can choose when purchasing a new trailer from Double D and other horse trailer manufacturers who work with the third-party manufacturer that produces the material.

“Rumber isn’t affected by horse urine, and since no mats are required, maintenance is minimal compared to aluminum or wood,” he said.

Take-Home Message

There are many other useful options you can add to your horse trailer, from monitoring cameras inside the trailer to products that assist you in hooking up and parking. Make sure you explore all your options if you are looking to buy new or upgrade your trailer.

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