Organize Your Tack or Feed Room in 30 Minutes

Whether you are operating a private stable or running a busy boarding barn, keeping your feed and tack room clean and tidy is important to the health and safety of your horses. Each day it seems like someone (even you) will put something in the feed or tack room that doesn’t belong there, or even if it should be in that room, it hasn’t been stored properly. But during this busy season, how can you spend an entire morning or afternoon trying to get everything in order?

Here are some tips to get organized in 30 minutes.

10 minutes:Sort through your supplements. Pick up each tub and do a visual inspection, then take a quick sniff of the contents. If a supplement has passed its printed expiration date or seems “off” in any way, throw it out. If the product is still good, give the tub a quick wipe-down for dust and make sure the proper measuring scoop is stored inside.

5 minutes:Do the dishes. Gather up any spoons, scoops and other utensils you’ve used to prepare meals (for you or the horses). Take them home and run them through the dishwasher.

5 minutes:Declutter. Place items in their proper place within the feed or tack room. (If you’re short on space, a good weekend project might be installing a pegboard or small cabinet.) At the same time, collect all items that don’t belong in the feed and/or tack room in a single box or bag. Take that container with you when you’re done and deliver the items to their proper locations.

10 minutes:Sweep like you mean it. Ideally you’ve been sweeping up grain spills as they happen and removing the mud/dirt that is tracked in, but you’ll still want to do a thorough sweeping to pick up accumulated dust and grain you might have overlooked. Move as many large objects—such as feed bins and saddle racks—as is feasible and reach back into corners with the broom.



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