Products for Horses and Riders: In the Paddock

Here are some reader picks for use in your horse fields and paddocks.

Paddocks and pastures are an integral part of many equine facillities’ horse management strategies. Turnout cuts down on stall cleaning time and gives horses time out of the stall, but dry lots and grazing areas aren’t maintenance free.

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Water Tanks

Michigan horse owner Jamie Samples suggested Stock Tank Secret. The chemical-free tank additive is made from organic barley straw and cuts down on algae—eliminating the hassle of dumping and scrubbing slimy green buildup.

“We’ve used them all summer and even in the chicken water. The water is so clean,” she said.

Round Bale Nets

For some stables, round bales supplement grass and provide forage on dry lots. Reducing waste is as important with large bales as it is smaller ones. While hay nets have traditionally been used for feeding by the flake, hay nets for use with round bales are popular for the same reason. 

The downside to round bale hay nets is that in areas where freezing rain, snow and frequent freeze/thaw cycles occur, the nets can freeze to the ground if the hay isn’t consumed fast enough.

Pesky Insects

Turnout has many benefits for horses and barn managers. However, pesky flies can make the time outside unbearable for sensitive horses. Stomping at flies on hard ground can also lead to hoof problems. Fly sprays and manure management tactics can only go so far in controlling insects.

New Jersey horse owner Heather Wallace says the Shoofly Leggins were a game changer for her horses this past summer. Made from a breathable plastic mesh, the wraps prevent biting from landing on the horses’ legs. The design also eliminates the botfly’s ability to lay eggs on the horse.

“I was a little wary, but after seeing how they worked so well for so many clients, I caved [and bought some]. They have kept [my horse] Ferrous so much happier and bug free,” she said.

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