Stall Upgrades for Horse Facilities

Whether you need to upgrade or want to upgrade your equine facilities, here are tips that might help.

Stall fronts, blanket bars, dutch doors and rubber mats are all items that can easily be installed to upgrade your horse facility. iStock/Nicholas McComber

Is it time to upgrade the stalls in your barn? Whether the enhancements are practical and functional, or because you have a desire to change the aesthetics of the barn, there’s a multitude of options available that can fit any budget.

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“Removing old mats which may have become warped and turning up on edges and replacing with new one-piece mats could be a simple upgrade,” said equine facility designer Lachlan Oldaker.

Replacing worn mats can be a simple do-it-yourself project that will make the stall cleaning process more efficient. Mats that lay properly also means horses can’t push expensive bedding underneath the edges, wasting shavings.

Another option is to open stalls to the exterior by installing full height Dutch type doors or sliding doors. This provides better ventilation and a second entry/exit point from the stall. Installing transom windows above the doors or sidelight windows could be added to provide more light and ventilation into the stalls, Oldaker added.

“There are so many design options and styles available and an owner may want to change the look of their barn by switching out an older solid stall front with a full-view mesh front or a euro-style low stall front,” she said. “Changing a sliding stall door could make a big change or simply changing door hardware such as pulls or latches can add a nice touch.”

Other enhancements may include:

When it comes to aesthetic upgrades, the options are endless and can be chosen based on your personal preference, budget and needs.






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