Wildfire Resources for Preventing Barn Fires, Part 1

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In the spring 2015 Stable Management magazine, we published the first of a two-part article series on barn fires (find it here) wherein we discussed various causes of barn fires and how to prevent them. Part 2 will appear on StableManagement.com later this summer.

The article author Tony L. Cochrane, AIA, of Animal Arts, suggested a “must-read” for protecting your horse facility from wild fires. In his article, Cochrane said, “If you live in an area where wildfires occur, please read the following reference material cover-to-cover and make plans to implement it. It could save your horses’ lives.” (http://www.normandeau.com/pages/services/communications/project_docs/Wildfire_Risk_Chapter_6.pdf).

This Wildfire Manual was created for the Florida Forest Service by Normandeau Environmental Consultants. The full document can be found here: http://freshfromflorida.s3.amazonaws.com/Wildfire_Risk_Reduction_in_FL.pdf. Credit: Wildfire Risk Reduction in Florida. 2010. Pandion Systems (now Normandeau Associates) for the Florida Forest Service.

Normandeau also wrote and oversaw the design on the following document for the National Fire Protection Agency that could be of use: http://www.fireadapted.org/~/media/Fire%20Adapted/Files/FAC%20Reference%20Guide%202014%20FINAL%

Credit: Fire Adapted Communities Guide. 2013. Normandeau Associates and the Fire Adapted Communities Coalition for the National Fire Protection Agency.



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