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$50,000 Available to Researchers Investigating the Therapeutic Effects of Horses on Humans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — FEB. 7, 2013 — Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) announces an open call for proposals to investigate the therapeutic effects of horses on humans. The Foundation's broad research agenda includes basic research as well as clinical studies that will ultimately impact physical and mental health and quality of life for those engaged in equine-assisted activities/therapies (EAA/T). Deadline for submission proposals is June 15, 2013.

Up to fifty thousand dollars in research funding will be offered through a rigorous application and review process. Grants are selected on a competitive basis, taking into account scientific merit, scientific and clinical significance and relevance. Preference will be given to investigators with solid credentials and research experience. All applications undergo a three-tier review process completed by the scientific review committee. The average grant award is $50,000 for up to a 1.5 year period.

"Our last call for proposals was specific to EAA/T for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the results have been very encouraging. Now our board is exceptionally pleased to make this grant cycle open to any EAA/T related research areas,” said Lynn Shaw, HHRF Board President. “It is through such open-ended opportunities that brand new areas of research are explored; we always see such exciting new ideas. These efforts are truly opening doors to an inspiring future.”

Information for applicants, including application materials, previously funded projects, review guidelines and more are available at Researchers interested in finding local EAA/T programs for possible collaborations may contact the foundation office for assistance.

Make a contribution to HHRF today and help ensure that this important research continues. For more information on this research, on the foundation, or on becoming a donor, contact KC Henry, Executive Director,

Through investment in rigorous research, Horses and Humans Research Foundation will serve as a catalyst to advance knowledge of horses and their potential to impact on the health and wellness of people. The foundation’s goal is to promote research that will 1) Benefit special program participants by improving equine assisted activity best practices; 2) Educate the public, including professional affiliates, regarding the value and benefits of horses and equine assisted activities.