AAPF/CAPF Expresses Appreciation to Educational Partners

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The American Association of Professional Farriers and Canadian Association of Professional Farriers are pleased to recognize the thirty (30) companies which have committed to being “AAPF/CAPF Educational Partners." Their partnership has allowed us to fund AAPF/CAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinics and other educational functions throughout the United States and Canada.

Originally it was suggested that the AAPF/CAPF would sponsor 4-5 clinics per year. With the overwhelming support for this program, we now plan to sponsor 8-10 clinics during the next 12 months. The AAPF/CAPF has also been able to purchase a complete audio visual package (projector, screen and sound system) which will help reduce the costs for hosts of the clinics.

The AAPF/CAPF will provide one or two clinicians for each one day clinic based upon the projected attendance.

Upcoming AAPF/CAPF sponsored clinics include:

• September 18 & 19 - Life Data Labs, Cherokee, Alabama
• Clinicians: Current AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors
• October 3 - Olympia Farrier Supply, Olympia, Washington
• Clinicians: Steve Kraus APF CJF & Adam Wynbrandt APF
• October 10 - Well-Shoe Farrier Supply, Amarillo, Texas
• Clinicians: Kirk Adkins MS APF CJF & Curtis Burns APF
• March 12 (2016) - Crossroads Farrier Supply, Palmyra, Virginia
• March 19 (2016) - Ken Davis & Sons, Richwood, Ohio
• April 22 & 23 (2016) - Meader Supply, Rochester, New Hampshire
• Clinicians: Roy Bloom APF CJF & Tom Willoughby APF CF

Current AAPF/CAPF Educational Partners include:

• American Farriers Journal
• Anvil Brand Shoe Company
• Big Blu Hammer Mfg Company
• Blacksmith Buddy
• Bloom Forge
• Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoofcare
• Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center
• e-hoof.com
• Equicast Inc.
• Farrier Product Distribution
• Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil
• Hanton Horseshoes
• The Horseshoe Barn
• Life Data Labs Inc.
• Markel Insurance Company
• Meader Supply
• NC Tool Company
• Nature Farms Farrier Supply
• Nutrena/Cargill
• Oklahoma Horseshoeing School & Purcell Farrier Supply
• Palm Beach Farrier Service (James Gilchrist APF)
• Polyflex Horseshoes/EasyCare Inc
• Razerhorse
• Save Edge Inc.
• SoundHorse Technologies Inc
• Vettec Inc.
• Visby Products Farrier Supplies
• Well-Shod Farrier Supply (Ranchers Supply)
• Werkman Horseshoes
• W.F. Young Company

For additional information about this unique opportunity, please contact Executive Director Bryan Quinsey at 859-533-1465 or bryan@professionalfarriers.com.

The American & Canadian Associations of Professional Farriers are non-profit trade organizations created in 2012 to represent the interests of professional farriers and others involved in the farrier industry. The primary objectives of the new associations are: continuing education, member support and serving as a hoof-care reference for horse owners. The AAPF/CAPF is headquartered in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Note: The AAPF/CAPF logo and photos are available by contacting Bryan Quinsey at 859-533-1465.