ColiCare Helps Horse Owners During Tough Times

For many horse owners, the decision to put their horse through colic surgery can be both emotionally and financially draining. Common concerns include the outcome of the surgery, recovery, and how to afford its high cost. However, many smart horse owners are resting easy with the knowledge that they’re protecting themselves and their horses with ColiCare.

Now entering its third year, ColiCare has been giving thousands of horse owners peace of mind, thanks to the program’s colic surgery reimbursement coverage. With ColiCare, horse owners can take excellent care of their horses and be eligible for up to $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement, should they ever need it.

The ColiCare program is designed to help lower a horse’s risk of colic through the combination of preventive veterinary care and a daily digestive supplement containing clinically researched ingredients proven to support hindgut health. However, horse owners and veterinarians both know that there will always be some risk of colic, no matter how well a horse is managed, and ColiCare is ideal to have on board for those times when colic surgery is needed. SmartPak customer Beth Brown has experienced firsthand how the ColiCare program helped ease her financial burden and stress during her horse Corey’s colic surgery.

Brown stated, “I adopted Corey, an off-the-track Thoroughbred, after he was rescued by Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center. He had been horribly neglected before they rescued him and was malnourished, had rain rot, and needed fetlock surgery. I found a wonderful stable to board him at and arranged for him to have the needed procedure shortly after he arrived. With a lot of care, his physical condition began to turn around.

“When I learned about SmartPak’s ColiCare program, I jumped at the chance to enroll Corey because I know colic surgery can be costly. On October 15, 2014, the worst happened: he colicked. Our veterinarian came out, but Corey was deteriorating fast and we decided to transport him to the Brandon Surgery Center. I was going to save my boy at any cost, but I was thanking my lucky stars that I had ColiCare.

“When I filed the claim, everyone at SmartPak was very concerned about how my boy was doing. My claim was approved quickly and the reimbursement from SmartPak paid for Corey’s whole surgery. Corey is back to 100% now and has returned to his old self as the barn clown! He makes everyone laugh, and I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t recovered so well. I’ve encouraged everyone I know to sign up for ColiCare because as I found out, you just never know.”

Enrolling in ColiCare is fast and easy. The simple form takes only a few minutes to complete, and can be done either online or over the phone. Should an owner ever need to, filing a claim with SmartPak is a straightforward and quick process. Once the claim is approved, a reimbursement check will be mailed within seven business days. Having $7,500 of coverage provides financial assurance for horse owners during a challenging and stressful time. And with no upper age limit on horses enrolled in the program, even owners of senior horses can receive this benefit.

Visit online at or by calling 1-888-339-9695 to learn more about the ColiCare program.

From the feed room to the tack room, SmartPak offers innovative solutions to help riders take great care of their horses. SmartPak was founded in 1999 with the introduction of the patented SmartPak supplement feeding system. The revolutionary, daily dose SmartPaks are custom-made for your horse, individually labeled and sealed for freshness. With the success of this simple and convenient feeding system, SmartPak has continued to expand its offering of quality products, including its own line of more than 60 supplement formulas called SmartSupplements, and a wide variety of tack, equipment, and supplies. The company has grown rapidly each year and is now the largest retailer of equestrian products in the United States. SmartPak’s success has been powered by a passion for delivering an unbeatable customer experience, and the company has been recognized with a Bizrate Circle of Excellence award as well as an “Elite” rating from STELLAService. A nine-time Inc. 500/5000 honoree, SmartPak is the only equine company ever named to the Inc. 500 list.






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