Equine Businesses Receive Massive Marketing Success with Pinterest

Equine business owners across the nation are enjoying outstanding promotional benefits from the newly released, ground-breaking article by Carol M. Aldridge of Equine Office Solutions. Equine Businesses Receive Massive Success With Pinterest clearly outlines why every horse farm and business should have a professional presence on Pinterest.

“Whether you realize it or not,” stated Carol, “your audience is already using Pinterest on a regular basis to shop and explore their interests. So if you’ve been holding back from promoting your equine business there, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! There are currently over 70 million users on Pinterest, and 9 million of them have connected their account to Facebook, which means every pin and repin appears there as well. Don’t you want a piece of that pie?”

The article gives an in-depth look into: types of Pinterest boards, suggested board themes, tips for successful pinning, recommended website enhancements, using analytics to increase conversion rates, and how to grow your network of followers within your equine community.

In short, Pinterest is a website referral machine! If you think you don’t have the time to manage another social media platform remember, it takes just a few short minutes each day to pin fresh content and produce awesome engagement, promotion and results. And if managed correctly, you’ll be amazed to see how quickly your website traffic will skyrocket!

Carol Aldridge is an Administrative Consultant and Support Specialist serving the equine industry for over 25 years. As founder of Equine Office Solutions, her clients across the United States enjoy personalized administrative services designed to relieve workload pressure, streamline office procedures and maximize marketing results. Learn more about Equine Office Solutions and find additional informative articles at






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