FOLLOW US Gives Your Business ‘Remote Control’

“The idea of hiring an off-site support specialist is foreign to many equestrian business owners,” said founder Carol M. Aldridge, “but a consultant and support specialist working remotely can deliver the same key services as an on-site employee and in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.”

The language of business, Aldridge observed, hasn’t always translated into the business of horses. Ongoing demands for staffing–who understand the industry’s specific terminology and needs–compounded by constraints in office space and/or budgets, present a horse-related business trying to hit its stride with more of a marathon than a smooth ride to success. Factor in juggling the responsibility of caring for multiple animals on a daily basis while simultaneously managing operations, and most business owners will agree: There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

“Consequently,” she said, “many administrative and marketing tasks are not given the attention they deserve and their business suffers as a result.”

In an effort to help more equine businesses ‘train up’ to their potential, Aldridge launched Equine Office Solutions, a one-stop resource to give professionals better remote control over their services.

“Through the use of cutting-edge software, time tracking tools and industry-specific support packages, Equine Office Solutions bring business owners more opportunity than ever to decrease administrative costs while significantly increasing productivity. Let’s face it, the horse industry has a language all its own, and it helps if your business consultant knows the difference between a forelock and a fetlock!”

Only those who have shaped their lives around horses know the unique joys and challenges this lifestyle presents. Finding a healthy balance between the barn and the office can be difficult. Now, Equine Office Solutions is here to help, so you can get out of the office and back in the saddle again!

Carol Aldridge, owner and founder of Progressive Business Solutions and its equine division, Equine Office Solutions, is an administrative consultant and support specialist with more than 25 years experience in equine business management. Progressive Business Solutions serves clients in niche business industries across the U.S. and Canada through email marketing, project and event management, list building, website updates, e-book and desktop publishing, blogging, social media and contact management. Learn more at or call 859-361-9416 for a complementary consultation and learn how to receive the new Zero-Budget Marketing Plan.






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