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Equi-Tape Presents at Equine Affaire

Looking for ways to keep your horse performing at the highest level? Want to support your animal’s recovery or rehabilitation? Equi-Tape, the first kinesiology sports tape created specifically for the equine athlete, will be presenting for the second time this year at the nation’s elite equestrian event, The Equine Affaire, being held Nov. 13-16, 2014, at the Big E Exposition grounds in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Anna Crane, DC, MS, CAC, VCP, of New England Animal Chiropractic, Berlin, Massachusetts, a certified Equi-Tape practitioner, will once again be presenting three informative sessions you won’t want to miss. Based on such a fantastic response presenting at The Equine Affaire held this past April in Columbus, Ohio, Crane will give you the inside story; Thursday, Nov. 13, noon to 1 p.m., covering “Elastic Kinesiology Taping Methods for Horses: What to Use, When to Use, and How to Apply Equine Kinesiology Tape;” Thursday, Nov. 13, 4-5 p.m., covering “Chiropractic Care: A Foundation for Proper Alignment and Self Carriage in the Horse;” and Friday, Nov, 14, 3-4 .pm., ”Keeping Your Horse Happy and Healthy with Chiropractic Care and Adjunct Therapies.”

Stacey Small, Director of Marketing, will join Crane for a meet-and-greet with all interested equestrians at the RSB Animal Health Booth #522, Better Living Center. Come and ask questions and learn how this great new modality can fit into your training regimen or be applied as an adjunct to your rehab or recovery schedule.

Equi-Tape can be used to address a wide variety of equine conditions; providing support and stability to joints, relaxing or assisting muscle function, aiding in the reduction of inflammation thru increased circulation, or the reduction of swelling thru the increased movement of lymph. This non-medicated tape can be used to help rehabilitate injuries and return horses to soundness sooner. Latex free for sensitive skin, Equi-Tape has advanced adhesive properties for ease of application and removal. Stop by this years’ Equine Affaire and see this fascinating modality up-close and personal.

RSB Animal Health in collaboration with The Horse In Motion and Dr. Beverly Gordon jointly make up the Equi-Tape Education Team. Our motto, "Innovation thru Collaboration” is clearly evident in this collaborative relationship. RSB Animal Health is a manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and product development company that uses its experience to solve critical business challenges and build successful product and brand solutions. To learn more about us, call 877-288-1760 or visit us at