First Fall Date for Trick Horse Training Camp 2013

Imagine A Horse announced today that the first Trick Horse Training Camp of the fall season is scheduled for Oct. 9-12.

June 5, 2013 — Imagine A Horse announced today that the first Trick Horse Training Camp of the fall season is scheduled for Oct. 9-12. The Camp is the third in a series scheduled for 2013 at Imagine A Horse headquarters in Dripping Springs, Texas. Co-founder Suzanne De Laurentis said, “We have folks from all around the world joining us.” Those completing the Camp Curriculum can be certified in the fine art of Enlightened Trick Horse Training and many will go on to host their own Trick Horse Training Camps in the U.S. and Canada.

There is one working intern position available and one complimentary media pass available.

Modern Trick Horse Training is about creating a more intelligent, predictable and adaptable horse. It is about training the mind of the horse and combining gymnastic moves that create physical strength and range of motion. An adaptable horse is a safe horse.

Learn from Master Trick Horse Trainers Allen Pogue and Sue De Laurentis how to combine classical concepts and modern methods to create a high school horse and the ultimate companion horse.

De Laurentis said, “Every student will have hands-on instruction with a large troupe of exhibition horses that vary in levels of finish. This is a wonderful format as the students learn effective methods in a condensed timeframe with no need to bring a horse. It’s really about taking your new knowledge home and then teaching your own horses”.

Attendance for Camp is limited to 10 individuals, although there are two discounted positions available for working interns. The limited attendance assures that all will have plenty of hands-on training.

De Laurentis added, “You’ll work with my husband, Allen Pogue, and myself, associate trainer, Kristi Reavis and graduate assistant, Mary Stewart.”

The all-new Trick Horse Companion Training Manual of over 100 pages is included.

Here’s the curriculum:

  • Pedestal Training techniques both in-hand and at Liberty, including two legs up, all four legs up, two-tier pedestals and many variations, including the revolving pedestal.
  • Tricks of Trust ,including the Obeisance, Bow, Kneel, Lay Down, Sit Up and Sit Down.
  • Tricks of Agility, including the Jambette or Salute, the Rear, using the target board, the climbing wall and many variations on the pedestals.
  • Tricks of Gait such as the Spanish Walk, the March Step and how to maximize individual gait variations.
  • Tricks of Engagement, including the Retrieve, herding and retrieving the big ball, and the smile.
  • Liberty Training with one horse and multiple horses, circus style.

You’ll learn modern and effective methods with an emphasis on equestrian tact, understanding how and why horses learn, and handler safety. Nuances of successful communication and performance will be applied to every situation.

Camp hours are 9 to 5 daily (four full days) and total price is $895. Accommodations are close by, and RV hook ups are available at the ranch.

For more details please contact Sue De Laurentis at or call at 512-736-3208.






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