Kentucky Equine Research Certified by FAMI-QS

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) has recently been certified by FAMI-QS, an international quality and safety certification system for the animal feed industry. This optional third-party certification shows KER’s commitment to safe, quality products.

FAMI-QS is the European Union’s preferred system for assessing feed hygiene. It includes hygiene and safety requirements for the whole feed chain, including specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. To qualify for this certification, KER passed an exhaustive audit examining its entire product-handling facility and procedures. By earning FAMI-QS certification, KER is also enrolled in the International Safe Feed/Safe Food certification program.

KER handles and produces several KERx: Special Needs Nutrition equine supplements at its Lexington, Kentucky, facility. The manufacturer producing the vitamin/mineral premix that goes into KER Partner horse feeds also holds this certification.

By selecting a KER feed or supplement, horse owners can be confident they’re using a product with proven efficacy and quality manufacturing standards. Learn more about KER products.

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