Monty Roberts Headlines Equine Collaborative Webinar Series to Help Fund Youth Scholarships

The New York-based Equine Collaborative International, Monty Roberts and others have teamed up to raise scholarship funds for young equine enthusiasts in need.

The New York-based Equine Collaborative International (ECI), Animal Wellness Action, the Animal Wellness Foundation, Monty Roberts and others have teamed up to produce an equine educational webinar series. Watch legendary Monty Roberts on  Wednesday evening, April 14, at 6:00 PM EST speaking and answering questions on “Methodology, Training and Experiences.”

The webinar series has limited availability and access to the entire series can be purchased for one small fee $25 for adults or $15 for youth under the age of 18, or parties can attend the Monty Roberts webinar for a flat $15. Each year, including 2020, ECI has held an in-person March Meet-Up in Western New York to raise scholarship funds for young equine enthusiasts in need, but in 2021 is replacing the annual in-person event with this webinar series in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The range of knowledge and expertise that has been presented thus far in our webinar series has been amazing and leads us to look forward to the rest of the presentations,” said Phyllis Jensen, President of Equine Collaborative International, LLC. “It is an absolute honor to be able to host Monty Roberts and bring that exceptional caliber of horsemanship into people’s homes.”

“We’re so grateful to have one of the equine world’s most treasured horsemen – my friend Monty Roberts – headline our event this week,” said Marty Irby, a Director of Equine Collaborative International, LLC, and Executive Director at Animal Wellness Action. “Horse enthusiasts will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about Monty’s non-violent methods of training that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has charged him to spread around the globe.”

Event details can be found below. All funds received will go directly to Equine Collaborative International, LLC.

Register here:

The full $25 registration fee gains you entrance to all six webinars in the series, and interested parties can attend this week’s webinar with Monty Roberts for a flat $15!

  • $15 to attend only the Monty Roberts webinar
  • $25 for adult non-members
  • $15 for adult members
  • $0 for 2021 New Members
  • $15 youth non-members
  • $10 youth members

Please message with PayPal payment your e-mail address so you can receive the link to the webinars and whether you are submitting for webinar only or for membership as well.

For all questions e-mail or call 716-912-2100.

Dates of upcoming webinars:

  • Wednesday April 14 – Monty Roberts, Methodology, Training and Experiences.
  • Wednesday April 21 – Frank Lovato, Jr., Equicizer 
  • Wednesday April 28 – Bernice Ende, Travels, Trials and Talk

Biographies for Remaining
2021 Spring Kick-Off Presenters

Monty Roberts is a world-renowned horseman and best-selling author of several books (printed in more than fifteen languages and having sold over five million copies) on training, his relationship with horses, and the horse language that he recognized and has developed as part of his training technique. Roberts won his first rodeo trophy at age 4 and has gone on to successfully compete in the rodeo and show world, breeding championship Thoroughbred racehorses and establishing horsemanship schools at his home base in Solvang, California, and more recently online. Viewed internationally as the ‘father’ of and most profound promoter of Natural Horsemanship, Monty has been training horses for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and was recently named in People Magazine as one of Her Majesty’s top five inner circle. Monty Roberts’ presentation will include “Methodology, Training and His Experiences” and will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

At the age of 4 years Frank Lovato, Jr. decided to follow in his father’s boot steps and become a jockey. He left home at 14 and embarked on a journey that led him from farm hand to exercise rider, to apprentice, and became a jockey in 1979. This was followed by an amazing career in racing, which included being the leading apprentice in New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Louisiana and taking the Eclipse Award for Apprentice Jockey.

However, in 1981, a freak racing accident left Frankie with a severely broken leg that questioned his future as a jockey. With this uncertainty, he created a contraption made of wood and springs to help him rehabilitate, train, and make an amazing comeback to racing. Years later, this wooden horse would become the Equicizer. Today, the Equicizer is used world-wide by all riding disciplines along with equine-assisted programs, therapies, and clinical therapies. Frankie’s career as a jockey spanned 25 years, he has ridden over sixteen thousand races with one thousand, six hundred and eighty-seven wins. His full-time job now is the Equicizer business, where builds and sells his horses to people all over the world, from his workshop in Norwalk Ohio. On the side, Frankie created a non-profit organization named Jockey World whose mission is to help educate kids who want a career in horse racing.

Now known best as Lady Long Rider, author, filmmaker and rider Bernice Ende was born into a Minnesota farm family. From her father she got a can-do spirit, from her mother she got the ability to search for horizons, and from the influence of three aunts, who were suffragists, she developed the independence that led her to saddling up at 50 years of age and riding off to visit her sister…2,000 miles away. One ride led to another, and Bernice has ridden over 30,000 miles encouraging women to have a voice, be independent and remember the great women who struggled as suffragists for the rights of females that exist today. She speaks plainly about the trials and tribulations presented by long rides and will answer questions at the end of her presentation.

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