Nouvelle Research Healthy Horse Campaign

Nouvelle Research, Inc. will be launching its “Healthy Horse” Campaign today across our social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The campaign will run monthly for the next 12 months with a winner drawn every 30 days.

The “Healthy Horse” campaign is designed to reinforce and demonstrate the impact of health restoration through inflammation reduction on a variety of equine conditions ranging from lameness to allergies. Owners can submit a short video, discussing health challenges they are facing with their horse.

The monthly winners will receive a free consultation with Dr. Tom Schell and a six-week supply (two pouches) of one of our Cur-OST Equine formulas to aid in recovery and provide support for overall health!

Our equine companions are an important part of our lives, giving their heart and soul to please their riders. Now, it is time to give back, by enhancing their lives and their health! Nouvelle Research, Inc. is here to help!

Visit us on our Cur-OST Facebook page at

For more information regarding Nouvelle Research, Inc. or our Cur-OST line of all natural anti-inflammatory products for horses, companion pets and people, please visit us at or by calling 1-800-476-4702.

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