Prepare Your Horse Trailer for the Winter with USRider’s Benefits Partners

Members of USRider, America’s premier motor plan created to provide roadside assistance to equestrians traveling with their horses, can shop for their equestrian friends through the ever-growing member benefits program – Winner’s Circle Advantage.

Now that Christmas shopping is over, why don’t you think about purchasing a new tow vehicle? 

SportChassis, the American brand of heavy duty pickups whose name goes hand in hand with luxury, strength, and pride, is recognized by the United States Department of Transportation as the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the SportChassis, which is its own vehicle line/make. What this means to you the customer is: value certainty of your SportChassis when insuring or reselling, peace of mind knowing that you can get bumper to bumper warranty and service work at any Freightliner service point, and overall greater satisfaction of ownership with the SportChassis. Visit USRider members receive $5,000 worth of add-ons and accessories, when purchasing a new SportChassis truck. Call 800-358-7624.

If you haven’t purchased a new vehicle, but want to be sure you are prepared for a large-ticket breakdown, think about a warranty. USRider protects you and your horses from being stranded. But what happens when you arrive at the repair facility? How do you know which part really needs to be replaced? What is a fair price? Who can you trust? Through an arrangement with Nationwide Warranties, USRider members can save $100 off their unique extended warranties. Nationwide Warranties is the only extended warranty program that covers large trucks, dual wheel vehicles and vehicles with high mileage. Nationwide Warranties can cover any make, any model and any mileage vehicles. For more information call toll-free 877-844-7283 or visit

Since you’re not on the road as much during the winter, take time to study your current insurance coverage for your trailer and talk to The Creelman Agency. Members of USRider now have access to a special insurance program that provides coverages that address the needs of horse trailer owners and is designed to protect horse trailers. This “Savings on Trailer Insurance” is especially for USRider members. To learn more, visit The Creelman Agency online at or call 240-493-1110.

Keep your trailer protected during these winter months with Beverly Bay, Inc. Protect your horse trailer investment with a high quality protective cover. Reduce cleaning time and maintain trailer resale value. Covers available in custom-fit and universal-fit patterns. All covers are U.V. resistant and fully breathable. Each cover comes with a 2 to 5 year warranty (material specific). FREE storage bag included. Pricing based on vehicle’s length. Beverly Bay has almost 50 years experience. USRider® members receive 10% discount on all Beverly Bay horse trailer covers. For more information, call 800-366-1898 or visit

As you put your trailer to sleep for the winter, think about the many ways you can better organize your trailer for the new travel season with The Organized Barn & Trailer. Organize your barn, trailer and show tack stall with the Handy Organizing Storage System. Simply hang panels on the wall of your trailer dressing room, wash rack, tack room, etc. and then use bins, baskets, hooks, shelves, saddle racks and more to organize your belongings. The Organized Barn & Trailer also offers water tanks, mounting blocks, feed carts and other ranch necessities. USRider members receive 5% discount. Visit or call 888-298-8628. 

USRider – in its 15th year of operation – is the only company to provide emergency roadside assistance for horse owners. Through the Equestrian Motor Plan, USRider provides nationwide roadside assistance and towing services along with other travel-related benefits to its Members. The plan includes standard features such as flat-tire repair, battery assistance, lockout services, and roadside repairs for tow vehicles and trailers with horses, plus towing up to 100 miles. As an additional service, USRider maintains a national database that includes emergency stabling, veterinary and farrier referrals. For more information about the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, visit www.usrider.orgonline or call (800) 844-1409. For additional safety and travel tips, visit the Equine Travel Safety Area on the USRider website at






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