Racehorse Owner on the Front Page of the New York Times

TIVOLI, NY — SEPT. 22, 2012 — Lifelong horse owner and former New York-Bred thoroughbred breeder Susan Kayne graces the cover of today’s New York Times as the lead-in to a story exposing the excessive drugging of racehorses.

In the third part of the Death and Disarray at America’s Racetracks series by the New York Times the focus turns to the ethics of veterinarians.

Bourbon Bandit, owned by Susan Kayne, was repeatedly administered prescribed substances without her consent, by veterinarians she had never met or spoken with.

“I brought Bandit’s story to the Times to be a voice for the tens of thousands of racehorses who don’t have an advocate for their well-being,” said Kayne. “It is my deepest hope that this article, along with the others in the series by the New York Times will serve to effectuate a positive change for horses, who are innocent victims.”

Nearly one year after his injuries Bourbon Bandit is now ready for pleasure riding. “The overuse of prescribed drugs on racehorses not only endangers them during their racing career, but has long-term negative effects in trying to re-home and retrain them for other disciplines,” Kayne noted as she recounted the many retired racehorses she has worked with.

Read the whole story in today’s NY Times or online at: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/22/us/at-the-track-racing-economics-collide-with-veterinarians-oath.html?pagewanted=all&_moc.semityn.www.



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