Road to NRF13 Challenge Contest from Spin to Win Rodeo


Our sister publication Spin to Win Rodeo is offering some tremendous fun and prizes in their #RoadtoNFR13 Challenge! for the National Finals Rodeo.

Enter each week's drawing for a chance to win prizes from one of our sponsors! You could win a pair of boots from Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots, a tack from Weaver Leather or great prizes from Corral Boots.

Weekly Puzzles:

Accept the Challenge! Every week, starting at 12:00 pm Eastern Time on Oct. 28th, we will unlock one new puzzle. Once unlocked, the puzzle stays unlocked until the Road to NFR is over (at 12:00 pm Eastern Time on Dec.9th). That means that if you join the #RoadtoNFR13 Challenge after it's started, you will be able to play that week's puzzle and any that were unlocked before it, in any order that you want.

Check the map to see when the next puzzle launches. Click on each map icon to answer the unlocked puzzles.

Answers & #RoadtoNFR13 Challenge Gold Buckles:

Enter answers on each puzzle page. Some puzzles might require a little Internet research to find the answer. Watch the video (if there is one) and read the clue to find out what the puzzle is asking for. You can’t submit an answer if you’ve left anything blank or unselected.

There is NO LIMIT to how many times you can enter a wrong answer. If your answer is incorrect, you can go back and try again. So guess your heart out.

For each puzzle you solve, you’ll get a #RoadtoNFR13 Challenge Gold Buckle, that will display in the top navigation bar. You must solve the first 5 challenge puzzles--and collect those 5 #RoadtoNFR13 Challenge Gold Buckles--to unlock the final puzzle #6 and be entered for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE.

Weekly Prizes:

Each week you can enter that week’s drawing for a chance to win prizes from one of our sponsors! You could win a pair of boots from Soft Ride, a Jeremiah Watt Bit from Weaver Leather, or great prizes from Corral Boots! That’s right--submit an answer to that puzzle, and you’re entered to win even if that answer is incorrect. BUT, if you want a shot to win the grand prize, you need to CORRECTLY ANSWER all six puzzles.

If you win one of the weekly prizes, we’ll contact you by email and phone. Only winners will be notified.

The Grand Prize:

The final puzzle will be unlocked at 12:00 am Eastern Time on Dec. 4. Remember, you must solve the first 5 puzzles--and collect the five #RoadtoNFR13 Challenge Gold Buckles--in order to have a shot at the final question (and be entered for a chance to win the grand prize). Correctly answer the grand prize question and you'll receive your sixth and final Challenge Gold Buckle.

Once you have correctly answered all of the questions, and you have all six Challenge Gold Buckles you'll be entered to win a prize package worth nearly $1,000! You could win a Barbed Wire Headstall & Breast Collar, and Contoured Memory Foam Saddle Pad from Weaver Leather, a pair of boots from Corral Boots and a pair of boots from Soft Ride!


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